Sodium hypophosphite
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Molecular formula:H2NaO3P

Other name:sodium dihydrogen hypophosphite

Application:Electroless plating agent, for the use of electroplating process can not into the coating of large equipment and small objects, high precision and a complex shape with concave and convex, deep hole inner wall, high surface hardness and wear resistance of the object; Or plastic, ceramic, glass, quartz and other non-metallic material surface metallization, using this product can be obtained dense, uniform nickel, chromium coating, and more solid than electroplating. Widely used in electronics, aviation, machinery, petroleum and other industries.
Preservation and bacteriostasis, preservation of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers; For meat, poultry and fish preservation function; It can also be used as a food additive.
Preparation of various industrial preservatives and oil field scale inhibitors, food industry boiler water additives, from a variety of electroless plating wastewater recovery of various metals and removal of chloride and cyanate.
Catalyst, stabilizer, preparation of polyamide polymer polyacyl, accelerate the chemical reaction; And can be used as chemical reaction stabilizer, mechanical pulp bleaching。