Turn the chemical industry into a "friendly economy"
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It has been six years since the first batch and the second batch of key counties (cities and districts) of hazardous chemicals were included in this year's list of 53 national key areas for expert guidance. On October 29, the reporter learned from the district departments concerned that our district to upgrade the chemical industry as the starting point, vigorously promote the "one garden" development, the key area of chemical production safety comprehensive treatment results are obvious.

The chemical industry is the pillar industry of our district, with large volume and high output value. The safety work of the industry has been highly valued by the provincial government, municipal party committee and government as well as the district government. In recent years, our district with iron determination to promote the chemical industry renovation, bold and resolute reform, a number of measures go hand in hand, three years as a day to insist on the chemical enterprise "one garden" development of the overall goal, to create the chemical industry to upgrade the "shangyu model".

For the first time in 2017, our implementation of the "1.0" chemical industry regulation, according to "eliminate off a batch of, merger and reorganization, a group of, to upgrade a batch and to develop a batch of", adhere to the "regional cluster, the industrial cycle, high-end products, clean production, management informatization" development path, preliminary realize the overall goal of "one park type" development. This year, our district has further raised the benchmark, focusing on digitalization and intelligentization, launching "chemical industry transformation and upgrading version 2.0" on the basis of "1+5" framework system and "57+5" upgrading standard.

Moreover our introducing, cultivating all kinds of social forces, the Chinese association of chemical safety shangyu stagnation, tianjin university, zhejiang institute, national institutes of shaoxing, zhejiang Long Cheng first autonomous system ops 5 s shops, "4 + 2" wisdom park regulation platform, and so on, builds the platform at the same time actively promoting micro reaction technology industrialization, increasing chemical industry security capabilities.

In the past few years, the number of chemical enterprises in our district has decreased by nearly 47%, and the land used by chemical enterprises is 2100 mu. In 2018, the average value added per mu of the region's chemical industry is 1.177 million yuan/mu, and the average tax per mu is 305,000 yuan/mu, 1.4 times and 1.6 times of that before the transformation. The region's average PM2.5 concentration dropped from 53 micrograms per cubic meter to 34 micrograms per cubic meter, greatly improving its ability to prevent and control safety risks. Realized the enterprise benefit and the safety environment double promotion.

Stood on the tide of the new era, the development zone will always maintain the "double zero article" point of view, insist on high pressure situation does not relax, pays special attention to "the chemical industry to upgrade 2.0", good planning and construction for safe transport vehicle parking, green pilot platform and real operation center, as a whole is good for storage cluster project management enterprises a garden type, the chemical industry into a high-end, safe, green "friendly economy".

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